Polaris General

If your brake pedal assembly looks like the picture below and you have a full size  Ranger 1000 then purchase

Scorpion ​- R

Unfortunately, If your peddle assembly looks like any one of these no model Scorpion WILL FIT Please keep checking back we may just surprise you.

Safety Brake
Safety Brake

Older Model Polaris Ranger​

Safety Brake
Safety Brake

Polaris ACE

 If your brake pedal assembly that looks like one of the pictures below and you have a full size Ranger/Ranger Crew or RZR with electronic or cable operated throttle then purchase

 The Scorpion 

Note: Polaris has made some several part changes as well as design changes to some models in midyear production. Please visually check your brake pedal assembly and compare it to the photos below to make sure you are ordering the correct safety brake for your model.




If your brake pedal assembly pedal looks like on of the pictures below and you have a 570 Midsize Ranger/ Ranger Crew then purchase 




!!!​ Note: Which side the master cylinder push rod mounts on !!!